Monohm’s Runcible: The Anti-Smartphone


It is common knowledge that smartphones were created primarily for two reasons, and these are to make life easier, and to keep in touch with people whenever, wherever. However, there are some instances where we simply would want to detach ourselves from this noisy and busy smartphone-powered world, but not alienate ourselves from technology that much.

With the Runcible, a special smartphone devised by California-based company Monohm, allows you to do so. The phone packs a lot of unconventional features, such as its circular shape which fits right on your palm, a 2.6-inch screen which is circular as well, and an opening on one for the camera. Apart from this unusual form, what sets it apart is its silence. It does not have any form of beeps, notifications, or pings, which are a standard among smartphones. This helps prevent any interruption when it comes to deep thoughts and in times where silence and isolation are desired, as it is believed that we check our phones whenever our attention is caught through alerts. This device is poised to be passive enough to connect us with the real world while not alienating ourselves too much from modern technology.

What’s even greater about this phone is that it is environment-friendly and those who wish to buy it can choose any of two options, either the plastic type, which is made of recycled plastic, or the word variety, which is made of madrone wood.

The other features of this phone are all open source, and the Runcible will run on Buni OS, which is a specially customized software by Monohm, and this means a set of fresh and unique apps. Having said this, it is very modifiable and users are free to customize a lot on their phone. It is also equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, 8 GB of internal storage, a camera with a 7-megapixel rating, and LTE capabilities for making calls.

People are saying that the trend of going back to basics in terms of phones is slowly picking up, but Monohm’s Runcible allows for a fresh, unique take on this particular trend by giving you more comfort and a lot less noise brought about by owning a smartphone.

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