Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wins the Battle of the Big Phones



The big screen smartphones that are out in the market today are evidence of how our technology is improving at a fast pace, almost mimicking that of the once science fiction thoughts twenty years back.

It has been proven that the big smartphones of today are the portable personal computers that most people have, making it a justifiable way to replace the laptops, desktops, and even the tablets. Its portability just makes it the perfect choice for people who are always on the go.

Some people call this as “phablet” as they combine together the words phone and tablet. It out-competes the devices which have a smaller size, as based on surveys; these “phablets” are the ideal choice to have, because it is not too big or too small. It’s as if it is in the goldilocks zone as what scientist call it.

Samsung does just that, as it revolutionizes how we perceive these big phones. The company wants it to be a literally big smartphone, but has the feel of a small one. Its thickness and weight are two of the important factors that goes with this.

The Galaxy Note 7 is the ultimate phone for some because of the wide range of customization that is not present in its direct competition, the iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung is known to tolerate such creativity, making it the phone of choice of people who want to be “unique”.

If that’s all you’re looking to know, then you can stop reading right now and go place your order. It starts at $849, and depends as it varies on the carrier of your choice. Pre-ordering can also be done now.

It is now out in the market, at the time this article publishes.

Samsung proves to be the company that makes “big smartphones”, the trend, not only for today, but for the years to come.



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