Galaxy Note 7 flight warnings could now be ceased by Airline Companies


At this point, a lot may be tired of hearing warnings for owners of Galaxy Note 7 units. If you are, there’s some good news for you. Announcing of pre-flight reminders regarding the said unit could come to a halt today.

This comes after the Federal Aviation Administration has scrapped the order of letting airlines do so. This rule lifting could be attributed to the aggressive recall initiative of Samsung. Also from software updates that render their Galaxy S7 units useless. Initiatives include preventing the units from charging.

The users would be incessantly reminded to have their units updated. Through this, they would be forced to return their units. The tech giant recently released a statement regarding the successful retrieval of 96% of the units. As of writing they have recalled a huge percentage of currently-used units. The remaining 4%, however, is yet to be retrieved. It does not pose an immediate concern, however.

This has been viewed as a catastrophe for the Korea-based company. As a matter of fact, and has definitely taken a toll on Samsung financially. The incidences of sudden battery combustions could be blamed for the 30% plunge in sales. This could result to Samsung incurring a $17 billion in damages.

Despite this forecast, Samsung previously posted large rises for income, earning a 50 per cent jump from the last quarter last year. This could be attributed to their strong business strategies.

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