Galaxy S8 Highly Likely To Get iPhone Users

Samsung’s newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, has just been released. Now, it is forecasted that it will be able to get iPhone users to finally switch to the S8.

Samsung has just released its newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. And with it are a number of positive comments. These reviews consider it as one of the most recommendable phones in the market.

However, despite the many praises that it had, it still isn’t a perfect smartphone. The Galaxy S8 features an iris scanner as well as having a facial recognition support. It is because of these two features that makes this a better phone compared to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

True Spectacle

The Galaxy S8 also boasts a water and dust resistant design. However, this doesn’t make it extraordinary as there are also a lot of other smartphones that have this design.

But what makes the Galaxy S8 a truly remarkable phone is that it has a wide display. And it’s not just any display as it stretches from both curved edges. And with this, there is more room for apps to be positioned in the menu. It feels more spacious to the user because of the screen that are on the curved edges.

According to reports, the Galaxy S8 boasts an OLED 6.2 inch screen. It is a big change when compared to the S7 Edge as it only has a 5.5 inch display. This also makes the Galaxy S8 look similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Growing Trend

It is also worth knowing that LG, the South Korean rival of Samsung also shares the same design. LG’s flagship phone, the G6, is also very similar when one talks of its screen. With this, it puts users to expect that the upcoming iPhone 8 will also feature an edgeless display. This makes perfect sense as Apple needs to introduce a big change as the iPhone 8 will be the 10th year anniversary phone of the iPhone.

But despite all of the seeming unlimited praises that the Galaxy S8 has, it still can’t escape any form of scrutiny. This is because of the pillarboxed feel to its widescreen video. Videos that are shot in widescreen also looks squished when the Galaxy S8 is tilted vertically.


To sum it all up, the Galaxy S8 is indeed a remarkably nice phone when it comes to overall design. Its edgeless display also is aesthetically pleasing, apart from the fact that it can be unlocked in multiple ways.

Being a water resistant phone, there seems to be no worry in using it anywhere. Its wireless charging feature is also perfect for people who are on the go. On the other hand, with the absence of Bixby and the unconventional screen size, videos don’t look and feel normal.

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