Galaxy S9 Might be Released Right After Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is preparing for the huge launch date of the Galaxy Note 8. There are rumors that it can be followed up the release of the Galaxy S9 a few months after the beginning of 2018.

Samsung is allegedly prepared to kick off 2018 by delivering forward the Galaxy S9 release date.

Great Way to Start the Year

The company reportedly would release in January the Galaxy S9. It is before a launch date for the forthcoming Android smartphone in February. It means that the Galaxy S9 will be released and have a launch date 2 months earlier than the Galaxy S8+ and S8 did. Before the sales started in April, it was in March that the Galaxy S8 series was unveiled.

It was Android Authority who unveiled the rumors from South Korea. It is based on manufacturing line whispers. It is reported that in November, the company would begin shipping OLED panels for the Galaxy S9. Usually, this is 2 up to 3 months before the fabrication of the device is anticipated to start.

For instance, Galaxy S8 displays were shipped in January and the device was launched 2 months after. The report comes after an apparent specification sheet for the S9 was leaked.

The device would feature a Snapdragon 845 processor. Additionally, it will have a 4GB RAM and would operate the upcoming Android Oreo. All of these are according to the reports. Also, it is possible that the S9 will come with a 6 GB RAM option. It would also follow the footsteps for Note 8 in having a setup of dual cameras.

Benefit for the Early Release

Even though all of these are just rumors, a timely launch date for the S9 can benefit the company. Typically, a lot of leading phones are released at MWC in Barcelona by major electronic companies. Usually, this takes place in March or February.

It would mean that S9 can be in the marketplace by the time MWC begins if the rumors were really true. This could mean that customers will have a great Android smartphone to purchase before they know what the competitors of Samsung are releasing.

The Galaxy S8 has appreciated plentiful sales. It was reported that it sold around 20 million units between the launch in April and in July. That’s about 15% bigger than the Galaxy S7 sold during the similar period.

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