Huawei Plans To Overtake Samsung Sales Soon

Huawei is proving to the world that it can effectively compete with Samsung in the smartphone market.

It has been reported that Chinese phone manufacturer, Huawei, is narrowing down the gap with Samsung. This shows that anything could really happen in the smartphone competition. Now, underdog phone company, Huawei, is getting a lot of success as it is slowly keeping up in pace with Samsung.

Huawei Takes the World By Storm

This has been proven by a recently conducted research by Gartner, a well known research and statistics company. Reports also have it Huawei is indeed experiencing an unexpected surge in sales. This is because the market share of the company rose to a whopping 9 percent. The previous market share of Huawei was only 8.3 percent last year, making the 9 percent a really big increase.

The research company Gartner, has also said in a statement that Huawei is doing pretty good in the smartphone competition. It’s because the company is currently third in the ranking of the top smartphone companies in the world.

Huawei Threatens Samsung

With this, one can clearly see that Huawei is doing the best of what it can to effectively compete with the biggest names in the smartphone industry. This includes Samsung, and even Apple. However, Gartner further states that there is also a growing competition between Chinese phones.

It has been reported that there are also other rising Chinese smartphone companies that are entering the race for smartphone supremacy. This is one of the reasons why Huawei should not stop innovating and incorporating new tech and features on their upcoming phones.

It is worth noting that Chinese smartphone companies, Oppo and Vivo are also slowly gaining the top spots in the industry. Oppo has 8.1 percent of the market share while Vivo has 6.8 percent of it.

Competition between Chinese Phone Companies

Reports also have it that the number one reason why Oppo is experiencing such a fast increase in sales is because of its aggressive marketing campaign. In almost every corner and mall in Asia, banners and posters of Oppo phones can be seen. This poses a threat to the popularity of Huawei and even Samsung and Apple in the Asian market.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics had a decrease in market share from 23.3 percent to only 20.7 percent. This is due to the damage in reputation that the Galaxy Note 7 did to the company. Samsung has lost a big portion of the market share for that phone segment. This is because of the defective battery in the Note 7.

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