Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaks

The Galaxy Note 8 showed recently that it still has the potential to surprise fans, despite some huge leaks. However, Samsung is also crucially doing well the basics.


The Galaxy Note 8, with the release date almost closing in, has shown up in Geekbench. This famous benchmarking software shows fans will get Samsung’s most powerful smartphone today.

The results in Geekbench revealed that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature Snapdragon 835 chipset, Qualcomm’s top-quality processor. However, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will also feature 6 GB RAM as a standard. This is not similar to its predecessors.

It is also interesting to know that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a special “Emperor Edition”. However, the special “Emperor Edition” feature only increases the internal storage. It does not boost the RAM.

The multi-core (6066) and single (1815) results of Galaxy Note 8 are in fact lower than its predecessors, Galaxy S8 (circa 2000) and Galaxy S8 Plus (6700). However, it is not possible to know what the conditions of the test were. The company was possibly operating the beta software. Samsung could have been testing a lower mode of power and much more.

With that, it is really best to stick the facts of the headline that we all know. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a Snapdragon 835. It will also ship with the biggest display in any premium smartphone of Samsung. The display is said to be around 6.4 inches. It will be larger than the Galaxy S8 Plus (6.3 inches) because of the incorporation of its stylus pen.

Concerns From the Fans

There are two major concerns that fans are currently having. First is its battery. Galaxy Note 8 will have a battery that is a bit smaller than the Galaxy Note 7. It also continues a purpose of the company to play it safe regarding the capacities of its batteries this year. Second is its sensor. According to tech enthusiasts, the fingerprint sensor of Galaxy Note 8 still remained position idiotically.

A lot of rumors have been spreading that this will be the most expensive smartphone that the company has ever made. However, with the same rumor of the iPhone’s price, it will take the pressure off. Same goes to the design concerns for the price of Pixel 2 of Google. The truth is that the only thing that can stop all of these is when customers will finally say “enough is enough”.

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