Preventive Measures for Galaxy Smartphone Malfunctioning Underway



Just recently, reports have been received on other Galaxy S7 devices, such as the S7 Edge and the S7 have exploded and caught fire just like the Note 7. Manufacturing of the Note 7 has ceased in October this year after failure to find a way to get rid of the risk of explosion.

In previous months, 2.5 million Note 7 units have been forcibly recalled shortly after being released in the market in August. In light of all this, Samsung has recently assured customers that the use of their Galaxy S7 is risk-free, despite backlash from other consumers.

According to a recently released statement, there are no certified true incidences of battery explosion reported in the United States, after the selling of up to 10 million units. Despite this, the tech giant also noted the numerous external damage cases. Research shows that Samsung takes a huge share among the smartphone markets, with a share of more than 20% during 2016’s 2nd quarter. This is believed to have been made possible, thanks to the positive reception of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge units.

The Galaxy S7, which launched in March, directly competes with Apple’s iPhone. Other Samsung fans prefer the Edge, which features a side panel with easy access to favorite apps, contacts and news. This comes despite the direct competition with the iPhone, with fans believing the Edge has an advantage, thanks to contacts, news, and its line of apps.

As of the moment, Samsung remains stern to remind users not to immediately conclude based on product reports. Furthermore, they stated that it is not possible for them the determine the root cause of any accident associated with the use of the device without any proper examination.

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