Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything to Know  

Samsung has got a lot to prove from their issue with exploding batteries on their Galaxy Note 7. Having said that, one of their comebacks is through the Galaxy Note 8, which is to be released at a later date. The unit has yet to be released.

Despite this, several rumors have already been swirling when it comes to its features. One of the most obvious features for this unit would most definitely have to be the explosion-proof battery. Furthermore, Samsung definitely vows to deliver nothing but the best unit in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Launching Details

So far, no details have been set in stone. Despite that though, it could be confirmed that it would take place within the year. Samsung, however, has not yet released more information on the date. It is, however, anticipated that the release would be on October or November. This assumption is patterned after previous releases.

Also, it’s not expected that the tech giant would be releasing an Android phone that’s compatible with the S Pen during the fall. The late release date could be because Samsung may want to iron out potential problems. This is most especially true in the case of their battery.

The S8 and S8 plus versions are expected to come out 6 months prior to the Note 8. It is, however, expected that the void for Note phones that are new would be filled up much sooner.

Key Features

There are several features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which would really make it stand out. One of these features would be the all-screen technology. This is one of the pioneers in the field, given that we are accustomed to seeing separate function keys on out phones. It is, however, a bold an experimental kind of smartphone.

This has been dubbed as the “Infinity Display”. Its screen size is anticipated to be at 6.4 inches, with a screen equipped with Pixel-sense, as well as a resolution of 4k. This makes it one of the clearest screens in the market nowadays.

Another rumor about its key features worth entertaining is that this phone could actually be one which is foldable. This goes on further with Samsung potentially having 2 possible phones that could be forded this year, but then again, a flagship one of this kind may not be released just yet.

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