Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Feature 4k Display

It has been highly anticipated, but an official confirmation from Samsung just made things clearer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will officially be released later on in 2017. After several months of anticipation, the Korean tech Company has finally made things clear with regards to the handset’s release date.

Samsung has been locked on towards accomplishing a lot of things before the year ends. This would include beating Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, and compensate on their loss during last year’s tragic Note 7 fiasco. Samsung needs to re-establish itself as the undisputed king of the smartphone market.

Continuing Trend

The Samsung Galaxy S8 launch was very successful as it had a swarm of positive feedback. Analysts are also expecting Samsung to be able to sell the Galaxy S8 on a record-breaking number in 2017 and beyond. Likewise, Samsung is expecting to have the same success with its Galaxy Note 8 handset as well.

The Galaxy Note 8, once released, will be Samsung’s new flagship phone. It acknowledges the handset earlier on in 2017 as well. Samsung make some assurance to their consumers, saying that the Note 8 will be safer. It will also be more innovative compared to the Note 7.

Hyped Up

In terms of releases, the Note series tend to have a more hyped-up release compared to the Galaxy S series. This year’s no different, as the Galaxy Note 8 is looking to carry on with the tradition.

According to Know your Mobile, potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can expect some huge changes, upgrades, and additions. It will have new specs, as well as a new design and some quirky new features. According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could potentially feature 4K display. This will go hand in hand with Virtual Reality features on Samsung very own GEAR VR headset.

Galaxy Note 8 to Have 4K Display

If Samsung manages to pull this off, the Galaxy Note 8 will officially be the first smartphone to feature 4K display. According to Business Korea, Samsung is planning to incorporate 2K display on the Galaxy S8,

The Galaxy Note 8 has been highly anticipated ever since Samsung has announced that it will be continuing the Galaxy Note series. Many analysts believe that the Note 8 is going to be Samsung’s way of making up for their Note 7 incident.

With that in mind, many consumers are expected and hoping that the Galaxy Note 8 will finally have no flaws. This would enable Samsung to redeem itself and place its presence back in the map.

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