Galaxy S8 And Its Mind-Blowing Data Speeds

Samsung’s much awaited flagship, the Galaxy S8, has just been officially introduced last week.

People have been raving about the all-new Samsung handset, most specifically it’s giant display. The company has already given some hints about this feature ever since the announcement of the Galaxy S8’s coming. With the removal of the home button and majority of the bezels that used to surround the screen.

Latest Updates

Most have been paying attention on the aesthetics of the phone that they have failed to take a look at what’s inside it. As what has also been leaked the Galaxy S8 does possess some very quirky and interesting features. But the one that truly caught the eye of many who have noticed it is the phones network speed.

This feature, however, won’t get to fully make itself known until later this year. According to CNET, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the very first smartphone that will use the Qualcomm 835. With this, the Snapdragon 835 actually features the ability of the S8 to connect to the all-new Gigabit LTE-class speeds. It is a benchmark that every US carrieris moving to this year.

For everyone’s knowing, Gigabit LTE is the next generation of 4G LTE connection. It is regarded as the fastest network speed to date.

This would mean that the Galaxy S8 is going to be the first eversmartphone that is going to be incorporated with the said network speed. Reports said that this is going to be as high as 300 megabits per second. That number is 18 times better compared to the average speeds that most carriers have been using.

Digging Into the Specs

Just think about this, with the new Gigabit LTE, downloading a two-hour long movie would now only take about 15 seconds. This surely is mind-blowingly fast. Gigabit LTE will also feature much faster browsing on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It will also be featuring some new services that would make things very convenient for every user.

Additionally, with the new Gigabit LTE, users will now have access to what Samsung calls “the cloud,”. This is a video and photos online storage that will sync in with the Galaxy S8 and will secure all your photos. The connection speed for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now faster than any other smartphone out there. With all of these being said, it surely is one of the hottest smartphones arriving this year.

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