Samsung Galaxy X: The “Bendable Smartphone”

We have been hearing pretty often rumors for years about a secret Samsung project that includes a bendable smartphone.

This will involve assimilating a flexible display into a special mobile design that can include a hinge. The company is hoping to provide huge screen with a comparatively solid body.

Galaxy X

The long-awaiting foldable phone of Samsung has been certified in South Korea. It is rumored to be called Samsung Galaxy X. According to Let’s Go Digital, the model number of the smartphone is SM-G888N0. It has appeared recently in a filing from NRRA (National Radio Research Agency).

The excitement is building up for the first commercial device of Samsung with a foldable screen. The idea of a bendable phone is not new to the company. Samsung highlighted Youm, a flexible display prototype in 2013. Though the NRRA does not unveil anything big about the Galaxy X, Koh Dong-jin, mobile chief of Samsung, indicated recently that a Galaxy Note smartphone with a foldable screen would be coming in 2018.

But, Samsung has been encountering technical issues with a foldable display. Also, Koh warned that the launch date would be pushed back if the technical issues can’t be solved on time.

Rumored Specs

The features and design of the Galaxy X are still unidentified. Based on patent and concept designs, the Galaxy X is anticipated to be a tablet and bendable phone hybrid. However, it is still a mystery. The truth is that there’s no word of the official name of the phone. The foldable display phone of Samsung was code-named “Project Valley” before being internally named as Galaxy X.

Peculiarly, the device is listed as supporting Android 6.0.1 and Bluetooth 4.2. Both of these have been already replaced by Android 8.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 respectively. But, it is completely possible that the Galaxy X will operate on newer versions of Android and Bluetooth at release.

The device is anticipated to be available in restricted quantities whenever the company plans to launch the handset. Recent reports are claiming that the device will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2017, before the release of the Galaxy Note 8. We are anticipating seeing the Galaxy S9 unveiled at the show. However, Galaxy X can surely be on the agenda.

Of course, the company has not verified any reports. So, take this leak with a grain of salt.

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