Samsung Galaxy X to Launch in 2018

Samsung’s Galaxy X is a peculiar one. The existence still is somewhat a mystery. But, we know it is surely a thing and we know that it is foldable.

However, we do not know it attains this technical sorcery. Though there is one thing we know – it would be launched in 2018. Samsung is geared up to make the outstanding revelation. The company is anticipated to appear during the CES show in January.

Hybrid Design

Samsung really loves to keep individuals guessing. A report submitted that they are not simply working on a Samsung Galaxy X but another bendable device. The 1st hint of the idea was actually presented back in 2014 over a trailer video that showed a bendable OLED Display Tab and Phone Concept.

More lately, leaked photos have presented something that resembles a little more normal Galaxy phone but with bendable functionality. The size of its display has been debated hotly. Leaked images suggest that it is altered over development. The hybrid version alone is said to have been reduced from 8-inch to a 7-inch foldout display.

Though, the phone display is reported to be in the 5-inch to 5.5-inch margin. These rumors provide weight to reports that the company has several devices in progress. The company may even still be wondering what one would make it into the hands of the public.

Scheduled for 2018 Launch

The recent reports suggest that the Galaxy X would be released in 2018. The new information comes directly from Samsung’s Koh Dong-Jin. According to Samsung’s president of mobile business, their goal is 2018. When they could overcome several issues, for sure, they would release the product.

Other Foldable Device

Of course, other companies are also planning to release bendable devices since it is the next big thing. It seems that LG is eager to take on Samsung in the foldable phone era. There are leaked images that are suggesting that LG would also develop a tablet/phone hybrid.

The leaked photos present a 7-inch bendable tablet that could alter to a 5-inch smartphone at will. It is much the same as the rumored hybrid of Samsung. LG may even launch at a similar time as Samsung. Lenovo is also notated as a prime candidate in the bendable phone game. In 2016, Lenovo presented a bendable device doubling up as a phone and a wearable device.


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