Samsung to Launch Charge-Disabling Software Update

To those who wish to continue using their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units, this is definitely not going to be good news.

The tech giant is slated to launch a new software update beginning December 19. This would then bar any charging to happen on Galaxy Note 7 phones that would getting this update.

What’s with the Charge Disabling Software Update?

According to the company’s statement would prevent them from performing as a mobile device. This particular move, however, would not be participated by all mobile carriers. One of these companies is Verizon, which stated that users of this unit might not have other units to change it for, and thus would pose a risk.

This move results from the global recall that has been called by Samsung a mere three months ago. This is due to the sudden combustion of the units while being charged. Selling and Distribution of the phones completely ceased in October. As of the moment, a mere 7% of the units have not yet been returned, despite the notice.

This percentage however, is still in the process of being taken back by Samsung. The owners of Note 7 users would be notified of a software update incessantly, until they accept it, according to an insider.

A similar move has already been announced to Canadian subscribers. The update would cut down the ability of the device to be charge if one was refer to the version in Canad. It would also cripple the phone’s ability to connect from Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

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