Samsung Works with Self-Driving Cars

The global electronics company, Samsung, appears to be attempting to join at the game of self-driving cars. Samsung was given a testing permit in the California State to tryout self-directed cars today, August 31.

Helping for the Future

The company says in a statement that they are looking forward to participate in the Autonomous Car Tester Program of California and to join in the hunt for a safer and smarter transportation in the future as a global leader in sensor technology, memory, and connectivity. Even though the company has no plans in entering the business of car manufacturing, they are eager to help deliver and develop the next generation of vehicle innovation.

However, Samsung has acquired recently Harman. It is a company that manufactures audio and electronics equipment for connected cars, among other things. In the press release of Samsung about the acquirement, the company says that “smart tech” from Harman and Samsung would empower the vehicle of the future.

The mother vehicle department of California was not available immediately to comment on what cars the company had been permitted to test with. The company joins other automotive and technology giants, as well as a few new companies, to test on the roads of California. This includes BMW, Apple, GM, Ford, Tesla, and Alphabet’s Waymo.

Done Testing in Korea

As reported back in May, the company has gotten already the permission to test auto-pilot cars in South Korea. However, the permit in California could only mean that the company is possibly looking to begin testing the technology.

Samsung has revealed already improved cars of Hyundai. It is equipped with test hardware manufactured by Samsung. This includes AI-powered computer modules and sensors. The company appears to be aiming at providing platform and software for autonomy in a supply capability at the very least. However, the ambitions of the company can extend beyond that as well.

Samsung keeps an office in San Jose. It is where it could run the tests in California. Once the technology turns into more abundant, the extensive supply dealings of the company will improve. It can provide it an advantage as an autonomous software platform supplier. 9 additional companies were also given permission to test-drive in California roads.

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