Samsung’s 2017 TVs Incorporates Shazam

To deliver a comfort for Samsung Television fans, the company is working together with an application called Shazam. This will let users

This will let users to know what music is playing on the Television by just tapping an icon on the TV’s screen. Samsung is releasing this feature in its 2017 TVs and later TVs.


In Samsung’s event last January, the company announced that they will release a new feature in the Smart Hub. But, it did not confirm when it will be accessible on their Televisions during that time. Today, it is ready to strike their 2017 Television lines soon. The company confirmed this news on their official site.

For those who do not know, Shazam is a popular mobile application in the genre of music. This application is as famous on Play Store as it is on Apple Store. Last year, the company that created Shazam announced that there are now billions of Shazam downloads.

The application lets a user to know any music playing close the mobile by simply tapping a button. Shazam will open the microphone of the phone to listen to the music. After few minutes, it wouldtell you the title of the song with its history, album, and singer.

Easy Tap

Samsung’s TVs that are integrated with Shazam will let users use their remote to choose Shazam’s button on the television to know what music is playing in the Television show, movie, or anything. Also, the users could view its lyrics and other information that is related to the song and the artist.

Another good thing is that you could just shout “what song is it?” if you have a remote control for Samsung One to turn on the Shazam application. This will immediately bring all the information on the TV’s screen.

However, there is a disadvantage. Mention in the FAQ’s of Shazam, your mobile Shazam account won’t be synchronized if you use the application on the television. It is better you keep using the mobile application instead of the TV application if you want to retain the saved data in your acc.

However, the Shazam on TV can be linked to other 3rd party apps. This means that you could save songs on your Napster, Deezer, Spotify, etc. This new update will be released to famous destinations. This includes France, Germany, UK, United States, and South Korea.

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