Upgrade for Windows 10 to be Launched April of 2017


The “Redstone 2”, the update from Windows 10 Creators, has been officially launched in October of last year during the Windows 10 event in the City of New York.

At the event proper, the tech giant said that Redstone 2’s release would be slated within the first few months of 2017. However it did not drop a specific month or day. It has, however, been recently announced that it would be made available to the public in April.

Windows is Very Much Alive And Running

The initial version number of the update was 1703. This strongly suggests that it was slated for a release in March. But the final version number is 1704. This means it would launch in April of this year.

Changing numbers of versions is not an uncommon feat among Microsoft releases, as this is exactly what happened during releases of the Insider Preview for the Xbox. What happened is that the numbers changed to 1608 from 1607 a year ago. The first 2 numbers of the release number represent the last 2 digits of the year it was released. And the latter 2 numbers represent the month.

The Creators Update would be released gradually, akin to the Update for the Windows 10 Anniversary. But users of Windows 10 have the option to upgrade manually should they wish. Finalization for Windows 10 Creators Update is currently in the works. Feature locking would be done during the latter part of this month. This means that shipping features would be available by them.

This does not, however, mean that the update is complete, as Microsoft is yet to fix issues like bugs, as well as polish the features before unleashing to the public.

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