Windows 10 Bloatware Removal Option

Windows 10 and the seemingly 5000 additional apps and add-ons that it has. You know the ones. They come pre-installed and you’re looking at them wondering how it is you can get rid of 90% of them and get about 2 gigs of space back. This preinstalled software is aptly dubbed “bloatware” and for all of you that bought your computer or laptop with windows 10 installed, you know what we’re talking about! Not only is it annoying but it’s also a possible security disaster.

We have great news for you! Microsoft finally came up with a solution for those of us that want to get rid of the clutter. Window’s 10 beta is offering a refresh tool that gives you the option of installing a clean version of Windows 10. You may already be aware that Windows already offers such reset and refresh options, but what makes this new one unique is that once you install the clean version, it doesn’t reinstall anything that is not Microsoft software. This means that you can actually give your computer a clean slate.

Since the option is opened up online and will install from there, you do have the option to keep personal items like pictures, music and documents on the computer. Right now the tool is only available to Insiders which are an Option In group that has signed up for beta testing. As all things, it still has some bugs that need to be worked out of it

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