Windows 10 Celebrates First Year Anniversary With 5 New Groundbreaking Updates

Windows 10 is getting some new features this fall. The modifications are rolled out as part of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, an update to the operating celebrating one year since its official release in 2015. The overhaul includes a number of extras items that workers will appreciate, including enhanced security and a more accessible virtual assistant app. Microsoft says the update won’t completely be rolled out to all users until November.

Updated security

The release of Windows 10 marked the launch of Windows Hello, the newest security system that lets users unlock their PC using a fingerprint reader, or by facial recognition on devices with bolstered infrared cameras. It’s a decent perk for workers who want to keep their work system secured without having to set up a password or anything.

More accessible virtual assistant

Cortana – Microsoft’s virtual assistant app – was one of the best features of Windows 10. The app can streamline a wide range of tasks, from performing text messages, to adding appointments to your own timetable.

Phone sync

Windows 10 Anniversary Update can likewise guarantee that you never miss an important text message. That’s thanks to the new ability to see incoming messages and alerts from your phone, right on your desktop PC.

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