Game of Thrones Season Finale: Things We Hope to See

In the previous season, fans got last epic shot of Daenerys with her men sailing out of Meeren. That fairly set up this season’s events.

We think that we will have a parallel this season. It will be visually awesome. However, it will be less awesome of the people at Westeros.

Of course, we will see the new White Flyer of Night King, A.K.A. Viserion. We will now be able to see the dragon use his ice breath to take down the wall. It will also destroy the magic that is stopping the White Walkers from passing through.

Here are some other things we are all hoping to see:

One Lannister Dies

The grand meeting in the dragon pits of King Landing’s was the huge event that has been previewed. Westeros’ “who’s who” are showing up. Of course, they will not all agree to each other and they will not nicely get along to fight the White Walkers.

It is likely to get pretty unpleasant. Most people believe that a Lannister is going to die. But the question is – who and how? Since the 4th season, we have had the main Lannister character leave us each season. It was Tywin in season 4. In season 5, it was Myrcella.

It was Tommen in the previous season. So, who will be the next one? A lot of people are thinking that it would be Cersei. How will she die? Well, Jaime will kill her, by his hand or sword. Then, Jamie will take his own life.

Clegane Bowl

If things begin kicking off in the south, this is what fans really want to see. Forget all the politics and intrigue. We all just want to see those two to finally go brawl. Also, a lot of people really want to see Gregor Clegane fight without his helmet.

The Clegane bowl looked like a thing that will not likely happen when the season started. It is because we saw the Mountain by the side of Cersei in the south and the Hound going north.

However, thanks to the amazing storyline, they appear to be highly likely in the same area in the last episode. There are no words that could describe the legendary-ness of a Cleganbowl. Thus, let us just wish with all our might that it will really happen.

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