Elon Musk At TED Conference

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk as had a very busy life over the past few years. He has been feverishly working hard in order to revolutionize human living.

However, despite Musk’s busy schedule, surprisingly, he still finds time to sit down and share some updates on his latest projects. His most recent update came during the recently-concluded TED conference. It was also where he also shared some very brilliant career advices to everyone.

Elon Musk’s Inspiring People

Musk spoke on his fascination on space exploration, and why he has greatly invested time and money in his space transport company, SpaceX. Elon Musk recalled the latest strides of the United States Space Program, which he boldly described as flawed.

According to Musk’s statement, “People are mistaken when they think that technology just automatically improves.” Musk believes that technology takes time and does not automatically improve right away.

Musk also believes that technology only improves when a group of people work very hard to improve it and make it a lot better than what it was before. Musk recalled the development of ancient times. He cited how great civilizations like Ancient Egypt were able to make the great pyramids. Unfortunately, ultimately forgetting how they did it as time passed by.

Business Insider has also summed up Elon Musk’s point in a single sentence. According to their interpretation, “If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing; so, keep moving forward.”

Elon Musk’s Amazing Career Advice

Little does Musk realizes is that what he said can also be a great career advice. Through Musk’s words, many experts believe that what each person’s goals don’t really matter. And that the key to success in any field or effort is to keep moving forward at all costs.

However, these experts also believe that optimism and forward-looking mentality isn’t really all-good. It also doesn’t mean that people will not encounter some major misfortunes and failures. Obstacles will always be there to test the mettle of people on whether they can overcome adversity.

Musk’s words can also be equated to his own actions. Despite all the criticisms and judgments, he is still continuing to innovate and come up with amazing solutions. All of his efforts revolutionize every aspect of business that he ventures.

A clear example was his recent major achievement by SpaceX. Instead of sitting back and enjoying the glory, he kept on working and made sure that the next one was clearer than ever.

Another was when a customer complained about Tesla’s risky way for innovation. Musk answered the complaint by tweeting about success. He also says that hard work and resiliency is what keeps us moving despite constantly being brought down.

Elon Musk is a prime example that everyone needs to follow. He is a person who truly walks the talk.


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