Latest Updates On Musk And His Boring Project

In recent news, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just revealed some new updates regarding his modernistic tunnel-boring project last Friday.

This was during his TEDx Talk. Musk’s latest established company, The Boring Company, is led by former SpaceX engineer Steve Davis.

According to Business Insider, The Boring Company is currently working on revolutionizing transportation. They will do this by means of establishing a new avenue of underground passageways in Los Angeles.

The tunnel that they will be building will be able to transport cars with the use of an electric skate. The said skate would thrust the cars through the tunnel at high speeds of 130 mph.

Faster Travel Speeds

This speed, according to Mush, is fast enough for anyone to travel around the city of Los Angeles in just minutes. Musk displayed the first visual representation of the project during his TED Talk.

In his video, a car is seen pulling into a metal container that would then proceed to be transported underground. An electric skate would then aid the car is transporting from point 0 to point 1 in just 5 minutes.

Musk has also confirmed that The Boring Company’s underground tunnel project will feature up to 30 layers of tunnels. This will also be accommodating hundreds of cars through the Hyperloop. As of the moment, The Boring Company is currently constructing a prototype tunnel in front of SpaceX’s parking lot.

More Details

The project would also need permits from the city of Los Angles to be able to extend beyond property lines. The official website of The Boring Company,, officially went live Friday.

Aside from the Boring Company, Musk currently has other projects he is currently working on. This includes the Tesla Model 3’s upcoming launch, as well as the launch of a solar roof product.

Musk has also launch Neurolink, which is an artificial-intelligence Company. He does this while also acting as the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla at the same time. Despite all that, Musk claims that The Boring Company is only taking about a quarter of his time.

Tunnel-boring has been known to be a very costly and risky project. However, Musk looks to be able to pull things through with The Boring Company be means of cutting costs.

Musk claims that he can do this through building a machine that would be able to dig through the ground and place reinforcements in the wall all at the same time. Traditional tunneling machines dig for only half of the time. It then goes back to the surface to add more reinforcements. This is a longer process that costs twice of what Musk proposes.

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