Are We On The Brink Of A Robot Revolution?

MIT has just unveiled to the world that the world we live in is indeed the world of the future where robots would most likely live among us.

MIT reveals to the world what their newly developed robots that are capable of swimming underwater have. Surprisingly, it is even also said to feature invisibility capabilities.

Based on reports, these new robots are harmless. These could even mimic how jellyfishes and sharks move.

Invisible Robots Might Come Sooner than You Think

According to reports, these robots are made from hydrogel. Hydrogel is a new material that is currently under development. It has a rubbery surface due to the water-based materials that it is made of.

The gel of the robots is said to be made of 90 percent water. What this means is that these kinds of robots are inexpensive and can easily blend in an aquatic environment.

With the help of 3D printing and laser technology, the developers were able to mold the gel and turn them into hollow and ultra-light structures, thus becoming the skeleton of the robots. These robots are then pumped with water so that their bodies can be stretched enough, just like how jellyfishes swim under the seas.

Reports also suggest that these robots also have a hand that is made of gel that can easily grab fishes. With this, it is very clear that technology is indeed improving in a very fast pace.

The Implications of Developments in Robotics

The recent developments made in MIT would surely usher in a new period of unrivalled technological growth, specifically in the area of robotics. This will also help in mimicking human tissue that can also be used in medical procedures that might one day extend the life expectancy rate of humans.

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