Robots To Soon Dominate Entry-level Jobs

More often than not, workers who are just fresh and are just starting out on their working life are advised to avoid certain hands on jobs.

Examples of these occupations are being a boilermaker, floor assembler, or welder. According to a recently released study concerning these jobs, it has been found that these tree are primary candidates for equipment-oriented tasks. These are also considered as the three worst entry-level jobs.

To explain it simply, with regards to the three said occupations, most countries nowadays are relying more on automation. Machine work is relied upon to get the job done. This will also make human workers less reliable. On the other hand, architects and Engineers represent good starting opportunities.

Knowing the Future

The study sums up the entire bottom five of entry-level jobs, which are plumber, tool and die maker, boilermaker, floor assembler, and welder. The top five jobs, on the other hand, which are engineer, architect, and web developer, all requires advanced education. These also require more time in order to fully reach professional level.

Nowadays, the study also claims that as time goes by, blue-collar jobs are becoming less and less and less viable. This results in multiple companies refusing to rely on human labor. This will instead rely on high-end technology machines to carry on these entry-level jobs for them.

According to the said study, the repetitive nature of entry-level jobs as resulted in tasks requiring zero forms of analysis whatsoever. This makes sense if companies would opt towards automation instead. Work would be done faster and more efficient with the use of computerized machines, or robots.

Robots Will Soon Dominate

The said study also warns that as of the moment, entry-level jobs are on the verge of a technological advancement. Entry-level jobs will be fully dominated by automation according to a study that predicts the near future. This will result to 60 to 80 million jobs in the U.S. alone.

This will produce efficiency and uniformity in all outputs. The presence of robots in the industry can potentially decline the availability of jobs to an alarming rate. This can potentially create a conflict between man and machine that would result in a dispute where man is at a disadvantage.

With this occupational issue going on, the study has also advised the up and coming workers to pursue jobs that aren’t going away anytime soon.

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