Google’s New App Named PhotoScan Lets You Restore Old Photos  


Google just leveled up the playing field in photo scanning as it releases a brand new app called PhotoScan. The new app basically transforms or restores your old prints and photographs and restores it like a brand new photo. PhotoScan, which Android and iOS users can now download, gives you the opportunity to restore your photos by means of scanning multiple photos at the same time.  A lot of people are happy with this app because of its easy use for it doesn’t even require a registration and is free for all.


The app itself has a friendly interface and users can easily place their pictures according to the instructions of the app, and Google will do all the work.  After capturing the photo, the system will automatically correct, rotate, and crop the photo. Users can also save the restored photos on Google Photos wherein people can easily store, save and use the pictures when in need.

Google Photos product leader, David Lieb, mentioned that the main aim of PhotoScan is to encourage and persuade families to keep their old photos and treasure them. He hopes that with PhotoScan, they will be able to persuade the families in digitally restoring their old photographs and pictures. More importantly, the focus of the app is to widely spread Google Photos and to persuade people to use it.

As we all know, Google have a lot of competition when it comes to photo apps, so the launching of this app will help them in promotion. The company has high expectations regarding this app and it can be expected that more apps from Google are launching before the year will end.

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