Instagram Introduces Two Brand New Features  


Instagram just introduced two new updates for their app which is made available right after updating the said application. These two new features include a “Live Video” feature and a “Disappearing Photo and Video” feature. A lot of avid Instagrammers and users of the app are really excited for the release of this new feature since it improves their favorite app.

Two new features

The first feature added by Instagram is the Live Video option. Like Facebook’s Live Video, the Instagram version allows people to take and record a video on real time. They can broadcast and share whatever they’re doing with to their followers. Followers will be notified and informed if someone is doing a Live Video and can leave comments for the video if they please.

The Disappearing Photo and Video feature basically involve photos and videos disappearing. This feature is an added feature for the messaging of the app. Users can now send photos and videos to anyone, whether individually or on a group, and once the photo or video is clicked, it will disappear right away after viewing. The recipients of the message are informed if the photo or video is going to disappear in order to avoid problems.

With InstaStories as their recent addition to the app, Instagram hopes to add more new and fun features to improve themselves. Instagrammers can now use the new features if you update your app right away.

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