What to Expect With the iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Feature


The iPhone 8 will soon launch by the later part of this year. With it, rumors about its much awaited facial recognition feature is swirling everywhere.

The new year is now in its full swing, and with it, various reports and rumors surrounding the much awaited iPhone 8 is everywhere. Just recently, reports suggested that Apple’s most advanced phone will have a groundbreaking new facial recognition technology.

iPhone 8 recognizing people’s emotions

It is said that it is capable of knowing the emotions of the people focused on it. According to MacRumors, the iPhone 8 will have a new revolutionary design. It is because of this design that the engineers at Apple are also forced to have a fresh Touch ID solution.

It is also said that the phone will have a full-screen and zero bezel design. Because of this, it is very much expected that the iPhone 8 will have no display edges. It will then have its own OLED display that will wrap around the entirety of the front panel.

This might be a very possible scenario. However, it is also hard to imagine Apple entirely removing the Touch ID. It wouldn’t make any practical sense for a user to hold one’s iPhone in front of one’s face just to unlock it.

Putting all of these possibilities aside, one thing is for sure, and that an edgeless design might indeed be the truth. If ever this plan turns into reality, then it will be a major change for the iPhone. Up until now, the iPhone 7 still sports a similar design with the iPhone 6.

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