LG G5 Review

While the LG-G5 has a few new additions; is it, overall, worth the time? As with most phones it has its pros and its cons. LG has changed the look of their phone so instead of a plastic shell, this one is metal. It’s sleek and it’s simple.

The colors offered aren’t the bright candy-coated blues, pinks, and greens. So if you’re not in the market for easter colored phones; this is definitely a good choice if you’re going conservative. They’ve kept the swappable battery for this model which will please those that were fans of that particular feature, but they’ve done away with the versatile micro USB charging port. This model now sports a USB-C jack which means that you’ll be carrying around two different chargers since just about all of your other electronics use micro USB.

If you were hoping for front facing speakers with this new model you’re going to be disappointed. The G5 still has the speakers in the back which means; you’ll need to keep your headphones around if you plan on actually looking at your phone while listening to it. (Something that the designers fail to comprehend.) There are, also, two headphone jacks. A couple new features are added to the phone in the forms of dual camera lenses and an ever on display. The display will show the date, time, and any new message alerts when in sleep mode. Now, while this is a neat feature, it does nothing for battery conservation. When you take into consideration that you have battery swapping options, it isn’t a great feature for some. The sleeping display will be a drain on the battery and if you swap batteries it means that you’ll forever be cooling your heels while it goes through start up every single time you swap them. Fairly annoying for some. The camera lenses, however, are a neat feature. The dual camera on the back of the phone allows a 16MP and an 8MP picture. While the 16 would seem to be better, the 8MP camera offers a wider lens for a wider shot. When using the 8MP shot it’ll keep you from having to back up for a mile just to get everything in the frame. You also won’t have to worry about choosing between the background and the person you’re photographing because, with the 8MP camera, you can get them both.

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