2016 MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Will Coom Sooner Than You Think; Specs, Release Date And More



Apple will have a grandeur event on September 7, however it is speculated that the event will surely be the grandest of all events held previously. Based on Bloomberg’s statement, Apple is  said to announce to  the public the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac desktop, and even a very Ultra HD monitor that has a 5K resolution that Apple had collaborated with LG.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Unveiling

Even though the unveiling will be held on September 7, it may take a while for the new devices to be released to the consumer public until late this year. On the other hand, the new iPad versions will not be unveiled on the September event, but instead on another October hardware event that Apple will be hosting.

Bloomberg also adds that Apple opts to not release a new iPad version as it focuses more on the software improvements of the iPad Pro. One of the most notable software improvements is the capability to annotate directly on the apps through the use of the newly released Apple Pencil.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Specs

The MacBook Pro 2016 is getting all of the limelight to itself due to it featuring a possible USB-C port, and all of these is very likely to be unveiled to  the public on the September 7 Apple event. There are also rumours that the new MacBook Pro may even be lighter than that of the present MacBook Air. This would then lead to the new MacBook Air to even be lighter.

On the other hand, details on the aesthetics and hardware of the MacBook Air are kept to a conservative level. It is very likely that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be slimmer thanks to a flatter keyboard.

Apple will also feature for the first time its Dynamic Function Row. It is a touchscreen OLED display that will replace the top row keyboard keys – a revolutionary step by Apple in securing its dominance in the laptop industry.

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