Android 7.0 gets an official name

In the next few months, Google will be releasing its newest next generation mobile OS.

This new OS shall be officially named “Nougat”, which is a continuation of the sweets-themed names of Android OS launches.

Google I/O has previously mentioned that it would take user’s suggestions on board, but has made it clear that the final decision will be theirs, no matter how popular a particular opinion will be on the internet. There have been many names of sweets and other treats submitted to the Android N web page of Google, such as nectar, nachos, among others, but Nougat emerged the winner, despite the name being in a tight competition with another popular confectionery, Nutella.

On the technical aspect, the creators have had the software since March and updates and changes from the previous OS include upgrades on security, and a new Virtual Reality – ready protocol for Android tablets and phones.

Other previous android updates include Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow.

As with other releases, Google has already erected a statue with a Nougat theme at the Mountain View garden headquarters.

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