Apple Music And Spotify Are Too Expensive For UK Market


The results of a survey conducted by YouGov published on Wednesday showed that only 10 percent of UK residents or about 5.2 million people are registered to music streaming sites, such as Spotify and Apple Music among others. This is because a lot of Brits who were surveyed find music streaming sites to be too expensive even though a premium membership of the said music streaming site costs less than a full album of a single artist or band. The result is not a shocking news to the Brits since they are one of the countries who are fond of using pirated downloading sites.

The said survey, which quizzed about 21,000 adults, showed that the 10 percent who are registered to these music streaming sites spend at least £7.07 a month as an average. This convinced the companies of Apple and Spotify to experiment with their prices in order to have the remaining 90 percent to subscribe to their offers.

The results were a bit misleading as well, for a whopping 52 percent of UK residents are not planning on buying a physical album. This leaves us with the remaining48 percent who are not going to buy an album and also not subscribing to music streaming sites.

Kate Nightingale, a renowned consumer psychologist commented that maybe the sole reason why Brits are restraining themselves towards subscribing is down to a desire to avoid unhealthy habits as much as possible. While only 10 percent of residents in the United Kingdom are currently subscribed to music streaming site, 27 percent, however, are subscribing to video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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