Apple Watches to be Banned in UK Cabinet Meetings


The use of apple watches and other smartphones have been banned in UK Cabinet Meetings, according to UK’s The Telegraph. This new rule stems from the worries of Prime Minister Theresa May that the Russians hackers might find their way through the smartphones and therefore accessing a lot of information during meetings. Though we haven’t had a report concerning these kinds of situations, the fact that it is doable is highly worrying.

Concerns for banning

If you’re worried that your laptop or smartphones can be hacked, then what about your apple watch? Although this little device typically depends on your iPhone for internet connection, you can still utilize your smartwatch, even when your smartphone is turned off or out of range, with the wireless networks it had connected before. With this said, it is utterly vulnerable to hacking.

The Apple Smartwatch also have the ability to receive and make phone calls and has a microphone for comfortability. Another factor to add to its frailty against expert hackers.

Another concern is the recent news about hackers obtaining confidential files from the Democratic National Congress during the US election and medical files from Olympic athletes. This triggered Prime Minister Theresa May, who have a legacy of backing up government surveillance policies, to fully implement the banning of smartphones during meetings.

It has been known that former Prime Minister David Cameron, allowed the usage of mobile gadgets during meetings, but PM Theresa May’s pressing concern against these issues truly changes the playing field.

Thus, bringing any form of mobile phone nor gadget is prohibited due to the access of hackers that might hack themselves through the smartphones and smartwatches. With the rise of technology and its counterparts, our awareness of our safety must also rise in accordance with our own privacy.


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