Best Programs To Run Android Apps On Your PC  


With the ultimate rise of android applications everywhere, PC owners are beginning to experiment with the usage of android emulators to run on their computers in order for them to use android apps on the comfort of their computers. And you might be asking your amateur selves if it is actually possible, but with a little bit of digital grease and screws, it actually is.

There are a lot of android emulators on the internet now, some are free and some needs a bit of cash for you to use it. Since there a lot of emulators now, we narrowed it down to a few choices to help you in your next escapade.

Remix OS

By far one of the best android emulators available and clearly has one of the most developmental work in terms of emulators. Everything you need to be entertained and to be productive is available here, including the ability to use the Google Play Store.

The developers included a slide-out notification and revamped the software buttons without completely changing the familiarity of our android phones. The program itself is really stable and is without a doubt, resembles the android phone we all love.  The only downside of this program is its complicated installation packages. If you are not an expert in this field, it is best that you ask for help from someone.

Above all this, Remix OS is a must try if you want to venture into using android emulators.



Probably the most well known android emulator nowadays, Blue stacks is both available to Mac and Windows. Its main focus is gaming, so if you’re the android gamer type, this program is for you. The interface itself has a clever way of providing tabs so that you can open different kinds of applications all at once. A nice way of using android emulators to the fullest.

There are several buttons on the side as well that emulate certain actions or gestures that are normally used in a mobile phone, like shaking the phone or taking pictures and screenshots. Completely handy for those games that will need these kinds of actions.

Bluestacks is a pretty nice choice for android gamers as it provides you a list of compatible games to play. Not really a great choice for social media apps like Snapchat and others, as it cannot totally emulate the actions needed. But still, Bluestacks is the best choice for people who want to play safely in choosing.


Other android emulators are also great and easy to use, like Amiduos and Andy. They are comfortable to use and is well suited if you want an easy time to play and use android emulators on your phone, though there are issues concerning it like advertisements and bugs. But nevertheless, still remains the functionality of an android phone. There are perks when using an android emulator and it is wise to choose the best one to fit your liking. Try these emulators and use them to your heart’s content!

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