Improve your Life with your PC

You can do hundreds of things with your computer these days. You can edit your home movies, control the temperature in your house, set up camera surveillance, and, yes, even pay your bills. When you bought your first computer it was meant to make your life easier. Sure, your computer can still be a fun toy when you’re bored, but these days it can be the smartest toy you’ll ever have. You’ve heard of the concept of the “smart home”, but have you ever really looked into it? It honestly doesn’t take much for you to start turning your own home into one of the “smart homes” that you have heard about and to start making your life even easier.


You’ve probably heard about or have even seen phone apps that allow you to control things at home while your out. The majority of the home kits revolve around having the app on your phone, but Insteon offers programs for your home and laptop computers that can accomplish the same thing on windows 10. It has an app that allows you to check and control things like lighting, the thermostat, and motion sensors. If you’re not interested in dealing with that many things then you might consider using LIFX lights. Once you replace the bulbs with these ones you can control them via the app and even set a different color to suit your mood.

There are many options for a homeowner when it comes to making life just a little easier. Nest Thermostat is one such item on the list of easier living by improving your life with your computer. It’s easy to use and after a while, it even recognizes your patterns of temperature adjustment and will automatically adjust it for you. Nest even knows when you’re away and will adjust the heat so that you don’t waste money. if you still think that’s too much trouble, then you might prefer to tone it down and start off with something that just about everyone should have; a smart coffee maker. The Smarter Coffee machine has built-in WiFi that allows you to control when and how strong you want your coffee. The Smarter Coffee machine will even send an alert to your phone letting you know when you’re coffee is done. Technology is a beautiful thing.

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