Curiosity “Sick Leave” Comes to a Close

On July 4, the trundling mobile science laboratory experienced technical difficulties causing it to cease operations and transition to safe mode, but has recently resumed full operations.

Also coined “sick leave”, the Curiosity has returned from safe mode just last Monday evening, since its entering on Saturday.  This was its first time to do so, as its operations have not had any form of glitch since 2013.

Both the entering and leaving of the “safe mode” state have been reported through separate tweets.

According to the people at NASA the reason behind entering safe mode was due to incompatible software in a single mode on the way image data are transmitted on board. There are several means on how to do the said process, and the safe mode works through writing images straight from the memory of the camera, into files of the primary computer of the rover.

This particular mode, however is discouraged from being used.

The primary objective of launching the Curiosity is to know whether or not Mars is able to sustain life, in the form of microbes. Curiosity has also been roving around Mars’ terrain and hills, obtaining samples of rocks as a means of determining its climate through time.

The end of the mission is slated to be on October 2018.




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