What to Expect from Apple Mac Event  


With the recent release of Dell’s new laptop, it’s time for Apple to step up their game and show them what they are all about. And all rumors and speculations are true as Apple plans a Mac Event this October 27. A lot of people are excited since all of the rumors are really positive. Here’s what to expect from Apple’s new Mac event.

Kaby Lake Processors

We’re guaranteed enough that there will be a new Macbook Pro in a 13 and 15 inch form. They will be thinner, lighter and definitely more powerful than the previous versions if the said device, which is what we expect from a company like Apple. But how did they do this? This is because of their new Kaby lake-based processors developed by Intel, which are new and improved than before.

We can also expect a longer battery life, lighter weight and high storage capacity from both versions of the Macbook Pro 2016. Graphics is also one of the things that the company give emphasize to.

OLED “Magic Touch Bar”

Apple are going to innovate the front row keys of the Macbook Pro 2016 and by innovate, we mean completely removing the front keys and replace them with another screen that is operatable by touch.

As of the moment, the OLED Touch Bar remains as a rumor but a few leakages already approved its existence. We do not know how this touch bar works or what it consists but we know that this will jumpstart a new era for devices and gadgets.

USB-C Connector

This connector is high-powered and will enable Macbooks to connect to storage arrays and monitors and will be a new feature for Apple.

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