Acer’s Bid for World’s Thinnest Notebook Available in Thailand


The Thailand division of the tech giant has ceased production of mid-range smartphones after failing to thrive amidst heavy competition with other brands for the past three years.

Instead of these phones, Acer Thailand would shift its production priorities to smartphones from computers. This is especially true on fast-becoming popular thin and lightweight notebooks.

Acer wants to do something with its laptops

Both the Swift 3 and 7 have earned the title of “slimmest notebooks worldwide”. This is much thinner than other brands have ever been capable of producing. These said units are 12 mm thick, and goes even thinner at 10 mm sans the rubber footing. This makes it much thinner than Apple’s Macbook Air by 8 mm, and even Microsoft Surface Pro 4 by 5 mm.

Its 10 mm thickness is just about as thin as a lot of tablet units, even thinner. A report was made by Gartner, an international research company. It is found out that a whopping 21% of the share in the market for smartphones worldwide is shared by only three Chinese brands. This are specifically Oppo, Huawei, and BBK Communication Equipment for this year’s third quarter.

For personal computers on the other hand, it has also been found that Acer comprises a 20% share in the global market for personal computers. To be more specific, the tech giant’s share has peaked at 29% for the recent quarter, substantially higher than other popular brands Lenovo at 16% and Asus at 21%

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