Astronaut Captures Amazing GoPro Footage While Floating In Space

Astronauts described the feeling of when in space as a kind of slow-motion skydiving. But despite that, spacewalks are really more dangerous when compared to skydiving.

The risks of having or experiencing a spacesuit failure are very likely. A micro meteor or a broken off piece of equipment in space is also very dangerous. It actually has more than enough mass which makes it capable of crushing a single astronaut to pieces.

But despite the danger, there is also no doubt that floating in space is also very satisfying to look at. This can be likened to the videos that were just caught recently on March 24. These were captured on a GoPro and were released to TIME Magazine straight from NASA.

GoPro in Space

NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, commander of the ISS, was seen venturing outside. He was with Thomas Pesquet, flight engineer of the European Space Agency. The space walk happened for a total of six and a half hours of manual labor more than 250 miles above the Earth.

According to, both astronauts’ mission was mostly about electricians’ work. What they did there was that they reconfigured the station. This is in preparation for the arrival of several commercial crews sometime in either 2018 or 2019. However, as what was seen on the GoPro video, a wiring job had never looked so beautifully satisfying.

This was actually the fifth spacewalk for Kimbrough, while it was the second time for Pesquet. However, this won’t also be their last. Most of them claim that it is very hard to not going back for another try.

GoPro and Its Tough Times

In other news, Yahoo! Finance has reported that GoPro has been one of the worst-performing companies in 2016. The company is currently buried in several market problems. This results in the company’s stock losing 52% of its total value from last year until this year.

Currently, the company’s stock is trading at about $8.58, which is near its all-time low. This is the primary reason why the company has made cost-cutting on of its top priorities.

GoPro has recently revealed itsfuture plans, which is to cut 270 jobs. The company has also given some assurance that it would be bringing down operating expenses by over $200 million.

Despite the tough times that GoPro is in, it is still pretty obvious that it is still one of the most useful gadgets created by man. The recent space walks prove it.



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