BEST Robotics Championship Hosted By Auburn University


The Memorial Coliseum of the said university was recently filled with several enthusiasts and spectators for the BEST, or Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology Robotics championship. With the event beginning at 9.30 am, it has been hosted by the Auburn University for the past 14 years.

In this contest, the top 58 middle school and high school groups originating from the 16 BEST “hubs” across the 5 states in the southeast pit their robot creations in playing field matches against each other. Annually, these teams are made to construct a robot, especially for the purpose of competing with other schools with a theme that is announced beforehand.

They compete in challenges with an educational model basis, as stated by the official contest website. Criteria for judging include spirit, sportsmanship, and over-all performance quality of the robots, together with team showcases and Q and A with the judges, along with marketing strategies and engineering backgrounds.

The theme for the present year’s game was “Bet the Farm”, where the participants built robots to execute common farming activities, such as planting and managing apparatuses. Opelika High School is one of the competing teams. The team has already made its way into the championship after it managed to bag the War Eagle BEST contest a few months ago.

Their team ranked high in several categories, specifically fourth for over-all War Eagle BEST, third for sportsmanship and spirit, second for engineering notebook, and first place for web design.


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