Firefox: Gets Built-in WebVR Support

Mozilla is releasing today its latest Firefox update for Windows. The highlight of the update is WebVR support. This would allow desktop VR users in easily diving into web-based experiences.


What is a WebVR? Well, it is a feature that enables users using supported browsers the capability to click a link that will take them into a direct VR experience. To experience this latest update, you need to click a button with a small logo of VR goggles. Next, you wear your VR headset. And that is all. You are in the world of Virtual Reality.

Today, Firefox will support only the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, Mozilla says that mobile headsets are on its priority list. WebVR is also available for Cardboard headsets and Daydream on Mobile Chrome. On the other side of the fence, Apple, in their next OS update, will add VR support to the Mac.

The next Operating System update for Apple will be named MacOS High Sierra. However, the update is not expected to arrive until September. Today, the company is launching a hub to show individuals how to experience the new WebVR. Mozilla will also show how to make stuff themselves and find cool experiences with the use of A-Frame. For those who do not know, A-Frame is the WebVR content creation platform of Mozilla.

Other Updates

Aside from the WebVR support, the latest update for Firefox will include several improvements. This includes a performance panel that enables people to set preferences in a number of processes they are operating. It will also include a pipeline for tabs restoration in a flash.

In the company’s somewhat ambitious experiment, the team refreshed a browser session with around 1,700 opened tabs. And the team has managed to start the session in just 10 seconds. That is much better than the last build which took nearly 8 minutes. In addition to all of that, the company has created a 64-bit release for Windows that is much stable. According to them, there will be a lot less crashing.

At last, users of Firefox will be able to search any website from the address bar without wandering too far. Those who want to test-drive the Firefox 55; you can find a lot of demos on WebVR experiments. The WebVR support keeps a vital milestone in the extensive adoption of Virtual Reality Technology.

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