iOS 11 Beta: Preview of New iPad Features

The release of iOS 11 is coming soon. Apple creates the best features of the past versions of the OS again with its latest iteration of iPad software.

However, the iOS 11 is in its beta stage still. Meaning, it is not yet final. Things will improve and change now and the formal launch sooner this year.

Control Center

Control center is a small slide-up feature that is set in the bottom half the screen of the iPad. It was there since iOS 7. It is a convenient and quick way to get the features that are used often. This includes timers, flashlight, screen brightness, and airplane mode.

However, there was one problem. It is very inflexible. Whatever in the control center is, that is only it. You can’t add anything, customize it, or change it. Luckily, that will change in iOS 7. The truth is that the whole interface is altering.

The new control center still slides from your screen. However, now, it is a dark interface that will take over the whole phone display.

It still has every regular feature, although in a new style. The control for the screen brightness is now a chunky, small rounded rectangle.


You can drag now any application on to the screen thanks to the amazing accessible dock. There is also a narrow and long window that is floating which you could move right to left across your display. You could also have it as a split screen with whatever application you are using.

There is also a new application switching screen. This joins with the new control center on the iPad. It is activated by either swiping up from the bottom screen or double-tapping the home button. In this feature, any split screen applications you are using will stay as they are. They would not be split individually into windows.

Another added feature to multitasking is the ability to drop and drag files from one application to another. For instance, if a person has images open searching for a photo to add to an e-mail, they could just drag the image straight from the app, right into the new e-mail.

Everything joined; these may not really mean that the iPad will replace a laptop completely. However, it is really nice if you try to do something on your iPad that one thing you only do on a PC.

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