Microchip Implant Issue Between Companies and Employees

Get to know more about the serious privacy issue between companies and employees regarding microchip implants.

Several company employees are having trouble with access. This is all about the new method of accessing their keys, card, and passcodes at their offices – microchip implants. Despite this new form of access, employees are still finding it hard and troublesome to have a small microchip implant.

Appreciating Microchip Implants

However, Epicenter, a Swedish start-up company, is now doing just that. Now, all of their employees have the said microchips implanted on their hands. Now, just with the use of their hands, Epicenter employees can now do things in the office. Tasks like locking and unlocking doors and accessing storages can be done by pressing their thumbs on the scanner. Even buying coffee at the company’s cafeteria through their thumbs can now be done thanks to their microchip implants.

The Benefits of Microchip Implants

According to Maclean’s, the employees and Epicenter’s CEO have praised the new technology, saying that it has drastically improved efficiency at work. However, despite all the convenience that microchip implants bring to the table, there are still concerns about what these employees are really getting in to. Or what is going to happen to them once they agree with being implanted with the said microchip.

What is Microchip Implants

According to another article from Maclean’s that explains Microchip implants, these devices are puny, and are the same size of a grain of rice. These are then implanted right below the preferred thumb on either of a person’s hand. The device utilizes the same technology that is incorporated in most touchless payment cards, which is Near Field Communication (NFC)

The implanted microchip must then be about four centimeters within a receiving device. This is needed in order for the person to access the services that have been programmed to tend to microchip-implanted employees. Again, despite the convenience it brings, some companies are still having trouble with convincing their employees about it.

Downside of Microchip Implants

One of the main reasons why some people have a hard time accepting this technology is the privacy implications of the said implanted microchips. It is undeniable that it can give an employee utmost freedom and convenience to do their work more efficiently around the workplace. However, implanted chips are also a way for the company to breach in with the privacy of these people. These could then be used as a means of tracking certain activities

Such activities would include tracking the whereabouts of that employee even when outside of work. Information when they arrive and leave the workplace, how much effort are they putting on at work, or even what food they are ordering at the cafeteria can all be obtained. All would equate towards privacy problems. This means that it is a huge enough issue for these employees to not consider having microchip implants.

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