Mixed Reality And The Future Of Technology

Mixed reality is slowly revolutionizing the gaming industry, after virtual reality and augmented reality took the world by storm in 2016.

Virtual reality headsets have been the most groundbreaking tech of 2016, along with augmented reality. However now, there is a new tech that is slowly shaping the industry, and that is Mixed Reality.

As of now, VR headsets haven’t still made it to being one of the mainstream devices. This is primarily because of its strict reliance in having an ancillary equipment. Another reason for this is that the content that is released in the market is not just that interesting. For now, VR games are still inits infancy, making them look somewhat child-like.

Knowing More About Mixed Reality

On the other hand is Mixed Reality. Though it is not that much of a grander experience than VR, it still has the power to reshape the gaming world. This is because it features digital objects that you can see in the real and physical world. With this, there is a mix of virtual and physical reality components, making it really that immersive and realistic.

For now, its foreseen use in the industry is not more in the games, but instead in creating architectural plans. A very good example of this is the Microsoft HoloLens, an MR headset.

The technology is more focused on holograms, as it uses laser technology at a new level. But then again, the reality is that it basically works just like a regular laser projector.

Microsoft HoleLens

But because it uses MR technology, it instead features a portable Windows 10 computer. It also boasts 5.5 hours of battery life. What makes the HoloLens, an MR headset, stand out among the rest is that the user can beam out the view that he or she is seeing. The sight of the user can then be seen by another user from a far away distance.

In principle, the two persons separated by distance can work a project out with the use of the MR headset. For now, it is pretty evident that most experts and professionals will see Microsoft’s MR technology as a kind of gimmick.

The Future of MR Technology

It can be worth noting that some of the greatest manmade structures of man are created without the use of MR technology. This leaves everyone to ponder on the debate regarding its usefulness.

But then again, technology becomes more useful through the passing of time. Perhaps one day, Mixed Reality will gain the respect it needs and is worthy of receiving

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