New Apple iPad Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Reports suggest that manufacturing partners of Apple has begun its limited production of the rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro this March. This is according to IHS Market analyst Rhoda Alexander, who spoke in a recent interview.

However, it still remains unclear at this point whether the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is going to have its official announcement this coming spring. This will be during WWDC 2017 in June, in fall or maybe even later, as rumors are lacking any accuracy.

Latest Developments

According to Macrumors, reports have previously said that Apple is going to unveil its new iPad Pro lineup at a certain March event. However, that rumor has been proven to be false. Instead, Apple has announced last week on the coming of a low-cost 9.7-inch iPad and a 128GB iPhone SE. There will also be some new Apple Watch bands and a red-colored iPhone 7 Plus through its Newsroom.

The latest Apple rumor claims that Apple is planning to unveil the 10.5-inch iPad Pro during an upcoming April event. This is in order to officially introduce its new Apple product, along with a new Park campus. It is also said that it will be open to all Apple employees by next month. While this timeline could possibly be accurate, it is unlikely that Apple would have disclosed the said details with its supply chains.

Later Release

Many analysts also believe that an April launch is still a possibility. And that the necessary elements in the making of the new Pro are slowly coming together. This also implies the possibility that Apple could conduct a limited spring launch in the United States and other selected other countries. It will then be followed by a wider release as production ramps up to its highest point.

Some Apple analysts have also claimed that a potential fall launch is more likely. And if volume production has not yet begun, it is most likely that production would start later this year. Either way, Apple is stall going to launch its 10.5-ince Apple Pro, and everyone is excited about it.

Apple analyst John Gruber has also made a good argument last week. He says that it would make sense for Apple to wait further until at least October 2017 to officially introduce the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Gruber claims that it is to avoid any spoiling and leaks on the design of the highly-rumored iPhone. Reports suggest that it features an edge-to-edge OLED display and is expected to be announced this coming Spetember.

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