“Project Field” Details Released by Sony


During the presentation by Forward Works and Sony, one of the biggest announcements is the launching of “Project Field”. Together with the announcement of the project is the announcement of Sony’s participation in the said venture.


What’s with Sony’s Project Field?

More platforms for card games is slated to be released by Sony after Yo-kai Watch. The beginnings of the concept for “Project Field” stemmed from the desire to make something akin to “My First Sony”.The said set of electronics was initially launched by the tech giant roughly 30 years ago.

For this particular venture, Sony has targeted children for the creation of “My First Sony”. Considering the end customers though, Sony has made sure that its final design would consist of brightly-coloured plastic. This is usually with bright red hues and buttons of different colors with a simplified interface.

The company would be greatly featuring their smart pads with their Project Field. These smart pads are compatible with any gadget of their choice. This venture of Sony is believed to open a whole new world of possibilities in the world of gaming.

One of the great examples include “Hearthstone”, that would be equipped with cards to be bought in stores. The right card placement is then transmitted to the tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. The cards could both be deciphered and written, and this means in-diversion and changes in status could be removed. Characters could also be improved by players.

Despite the revival, this new and innovative concept could not be called Kantai Collection, Sengoku Taisen or other Japanese arcade game classics.

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