Sony wants Return of some 2013 VAIO Laptops to Regain Glory


Sony, the tech giant has recently announced that 1,700 battery packs used on its Vaio Laptops are to be recalled, due to its carried risk of being a fire hazard.

It has been noted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission they they have not received reports of injuries or incidents involving the use of these batteries.

The comeback of VAIO laptops

While some may be puzzled as to why Sony has made the move. This is instead of the Japanese holdings company that is now carrying the VAIO brand. Perhaps this is simply because the laptops being recalled were manufactured under their name 3 years ago. This may make you think that it’s Vaio’s fault, but it actually isn’t.

The announcement specified that the models that have to recalled are model numbers VGP-BPS26. This includes part numbers 1-853-237-21 and 1-853-237-11. These were the exact same serial numbers of the laptop units sold in 2013. You could easily check this one by opening Windows Device Manager on your Vaio Laptops.

The companies involved in this particular recall have already been reached out to. But it is yet to be determined as to which actual units are affected. It is also important to remember a recall of this scale has ever been made over fire hazard concerns for laptop batteries.

This is not the first time such a recall for laptops have been made in the latter part of the 2000’s. With this, a lot of these were Sony’s very own.

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