Surface Pro Update: Thermal Framework and Dynamic Platform

You might have noticed more than two new and fully undocumented driver updates if ever you have a Surface Pro 2017.

During last weekend, the updates were done in the Automatic Update force. They are called “Thermal Framework Generic Participant and Intel Driver Update for Intel”, Processor Participant, Power Participant, and others call it, “Manager” update.

No Longer “Suggested”

The timing could not be worse. Currently, the company is trying to oppose the notion that their Surface Laptops could not be longer “Suggested” to the consumers. Most people received these new updates on Saturday. That is a very strange time to receive a new update.

Well, the 3 or 4 new updates were sent apparently to several Surface Pro Laptops that did not blocked Windows Automatic Updates actively. Driver updates and surface firmware are released by the Windows Automatic Update. That is why, this time, WU served as the infection route again.

There are rumors saying that the drivers are really legit and all the details for the updates will come sooner or later. However, Microsoft has not confirmed it yet. If you remember, we have also received that note before.

There are also reports saying that these drivers – “Thermal Framework and Dynamic Platform” were also pushed out for Windows 8.1. These drivers slow down the processors when it gets too hot. And yes, the Surface Pro 2017 laptop apparently easily gets hot. These drivers could cool off them, or maybe not. Without any documentation, we really have no idea what is really going to work.

If you recall, it is all sadly similar to the Surface drivers released on the 1st of August that are also undocumented. Those are camera driver that are not documented. Also, it damaged the Surface Pro 4’s Windows Hello. It took the company 3 days to release a new update that reestablished the Windows Hello. It was the only documented update that time.

Countering Reports

It is really amazing how these drivers pushed out without description or notice even though Microsoft was preparing a report that contradicted the Consumer Reports Rating for the Surface Laptops.

Now, we are seeing it again. All this brand-new desire for Surface clients did not get through to the developers releasing the driver updates. Two weeks ago, it backfired. Let us see what will happen this time around.

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