Things You Could Do With the Google Home

This week, Google revealed a lot of products. This includes 2 new Home speakers. However, among the revelations was also a lot of new stuff the Home speaker is able to do.

Several of these things are useful, and few of which can be quite powerful enhancements. Here are some of them in case you missed them.

Control Quickly Your Home

You already could say “Google Morning” to the Home device to get information about the latest news, the weather, and the traffic. However, the company is intending to improve the feature up quite a little. It will let owners create “routines” around its “Good Morning” control.

It will also add a new “Good Night” control. So sooner or later, you will be able to set up the Home device to activate a lot of smart home devices. For instance, phrases like “Good Night” can tell the Home to turn off the lights and activate the alarm system.

These are stuff that was possible already using 3rd-party services. However, associating them to the core Google commands would make it a little simpler to utilize. The company did not say when exactly the feature would come out. However, one will think it will be timed around the release of the Home Mini.

Make Announcements

This is one of the easier new features. However, it also is one of the more entertaining ones. You will be able to tell the Assistant to “announce” a message if you have an Android smartphone that supports the Google Assistant. Then, the message would be read aloud by each Home speaker in your home. It seems like a handy way to send a message throughout to roommates and family members.

Select a New Voice

The company has announced a 2nd voice selection for its Google Assistant. This means that you will also have a 2nd selection on the Google Home. The 2 selections are called Voice 1 and Voice 2. The newer version has a male-sounding voice.

Send Information to your Smartphone

Google did not broadcast this feature on stage. However, several tech enthusiasts spotted the simple yet smart new feature – the ability to send questions to your smartphone. Essentially, after you ask the Home an inquiry, you would be able to tell “OK, send this to my phone” to have it sent on your smartphone. This sounds quite convenient.

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