Where To Buy PS4 Pro Amidst Limited Stocks

As of right now, stocks for the in-demand PlayStation 4 Pro are still pretty scarce and limited.

But recent news have claimed that there are bundles available for purchase in the United Kingdom from a few selected retailers. If you are someone who has long been interested in buying a PS4 Pro for yourself, then here’s where you can buy or order one in the UK.

About PS4 Pro Stock Shortages

According to PlayStation Universe, PlayStation 4 Pro stocks have been experiencing numerous shortages ever since its official launch. This has prevented a lot of gamers all over the world from using Sony’s brand new powerhouse console. Luckily enough, there are still places that potential buyers you purchase their PlayStation 4 Pro right at this very instant.

Retailers With PlayStation 4 Pro Available

There’s no doubt that PS4 Pro bundles run out quickly, but here  are some of the places where you can buy one:

VERY: Very is offering a Playstation 4 Pro Bundle featuring the 1Tb Console and the Horizon Zero Dawn game. Stocks are available for purchase at their local store, or ordering via their website online.

ARGOS: Argos also has PlayStation 4 Pro available. But unlike the ones at Very, only the Standard PS4 Pro 1Tb Console is available. Stocks are also available for purchase at Argos local stores or ordering online on their official website.

Along with Argos and Very, there has also been report that PS4 Pro stocks are also available right now at Amazon. This is despite the previous reports of shortages. If you want to have a taste of retro, Colorware has also launched a PlayStation 4 Pro Retro Edition. However stocks are also limited on a number of retailers as well.

With the new PlayStation 4, gamers can now experience higher visual quality. This goes along with faster and more stable frame rates for that amazing gaming experience that everyone deserves. PlayStation 4 is filled with amazing features like 4K and HDR capabilities that would boosts visual quality and gaming experience even further.

The PlayStation 4 Pro officially launched last November 2016. It has then provided some much-needed 4K support for most PlayStation 4 games that have received the patch. The new PS 4 Pro version 4.5 is also said to add PS4 Pro Boost Mode. This is a feature that can potentially enhance and improve some games that haven’t received the update yet.

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