Demo For Latest Resident Evil Version Soon On PC And Xbox One

As early as this month, Resident Evil fans are already in for a treat. Resident Evil 7 has an upcoming launch this weekend for its Beginning Hour demo, to be dubbed “Midnight”, and is one of the newest updates for PlayStation 4. Apart from the PS4, PC and Xbox One versions of the games are to be released in the coming months, according to Capcom.

The launch for the Xbox 1 version is slated on the 9th of December, and 10 days after for PC players, as announced by Capcom. While specifics with regards to the changes have not yet been specified, there is expected to be plenty of them.

This particular update for the popular game is the latest for its most current release, with a Twilight update being released in previous months. This Midnight update is believed to take things up a notch by giving players a chance to unveil and go further into the doors covered in mold, where noises that make your hair stand on end originate from.

The PS4 version of the demo includes an optional PlayStation VR mode, while people with a PS4 Pro and a supported TV can experience it in 4K.For the PS4 demo release, it is equipped with a VR mode which is optional, to help enhance the gaming experience, and those with the Pro Version of the PS4, along with a 4k-ready TV set could experience playing the game in the said resolution.

The full version of Resident Evil 7 is scheduled to launch on the 24 of January next year across all gaming platforms. This release nearly coincides with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which is slated to launch a mere 3 days after the latest instalment of the game.

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